Little Truck Land & Limb Services

Greenwood, IN 46142 

Services Include:

  • Specialized Stump Grinding

  • Storm Damage Clean Up

  • Property Preservation for vacant REO & commercial properties

  • Bulk Material Deliveries--Dirt, Gravel & Stone

  • Landscape & Ornamental Tree Removal

  • Bush & Shrub removal, don't pull them, let us grind them out.

Call 317-502-0888 for more information.

Little Truck Land & Limb can provide many of the features offered by larger, more expensive tree services while also providing landscape services, this gives you a one-call solution.  Our equipment enables us to do the jobs that the typical "mowing guys" just can't handle and the larger tree companies just don't want to mess around with.

Thinking of renting some equipment to do that landscape improvement job yourself?  It can take hours to reach a level of safety, confidence and ability with rented equipment, and those are hours you will be paying for!  Save yourself the hassle and allow us to help with that DIY project, we can do the "heavy lifting" and material hauling and allow you to finish your project on your schedule.


We offer stump grinding services to central Indiana, feel free to call for an estimate!


Little Truck Land & Limb also offers specialized stump grinding! Our special stump grinder is unique and can remove stumps from locations the other guys just can't reach, and we can do it without marring your yard with tire tracks or damaging other surfaces.  Don't try to yank those shrubs out with a log chain and a truck, let us cut & chip the shrubs and grind out those stumps.


We can remove many stumps on hillsides, up on a retaining wall ledge, or in you favorite flower bed without the need to back a large truck up to the stump or driving heavy equipment around in your yard.

Little Truck Land & Limb will not haul off tree or landscape debris we did not cut, so please call us BEFORE you decide to make a giant pile in the driveway!


Little Truck Land & Limb
Greenwood Indiana

Little Truck provides services to Greenwood and other south side communities.